My Current Projects

Here is a list of current projects that I am currently working on. Check them out and get involved with the great things that my wife and I are currently doing.

Giant Slayers

Big Strong U

Monthly Small Group Meeting

Giant Slaryer is a monthly small group meeting for individuals & couples between the ages of 20 & 40 who are motivated by achieving success & living life by Godly principles. We meet in the south suburbs of Chicago.

CONTACT ME for location and times

Coco & Meeks

Coco and Meeks

Love & Relationships

A Fairytale Romance Written By God
Do you believe in fairytales? We do. Having both gone through troubled marriages, years of disappointment, regret and then divorce; we were able to find the loves of our life in each other. Complete with a childhood back story together that is hard even for us to believe; we are living out a modern day fairy tale together. Our story is proof that; even after years of unhappiness, regret, letdowns, mistakes and divorce; true love and happiness can be found.


EAT MORE PLANTS with Coco & Meeks


Healthy, Plant-Based Eating

We have mastered the art of eating plants together as a couple, despite one of us being plant-based and one of us eating meat. Whether you are looking to go vegan, vegetarian, or plant-based or just looking to eat a healthier diet; learn how to do so here!


Big Strong U

Big Strong U

Clothing for a Fit Lifestyle

REPRESENT your fit lifestyle in Big Strong U Clothing. Say it with your chest and show the world how you stay fit. Get Big, Get Strong, Get Fit, Live Long in Big Strong U Clothing!


24/7, 365 Blogs & Videos

Blogs and Videos

Living Out My Faith 24/7, 365

Living out my Christian faith al day, every day and sharing it with the world through videos and blogs.